Customized Emergency Diesel Generator

Emergency Diesel Generator Package for Offshore Banuwati-K Project was tailored to our client’s requirements of ATEX Directive 94/9/EC-Equipment and protective systems intended for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere. The design, customization and fabrication are done specifically for operation within a Zone 2 Hazardous area. Safe shutdown & removal of all ignition sources are included.
Our Emergency generator was built to support and provide continuous supply of power, whether on standby mode or in the event of emergency.

Napco Group’s product range but not limited to:
· Integration of accessories on skid package for ease of transportation
· Lifting certification for Skid package
· Engine flame package
· Exhaust outlet spark arrestor
· Exhaust spark arrestor
· Exhaust Flame arrestor
· Air inlet shut off valve, including integral flame arrestor
· Ex n alternator
· Ex d control panel
· Ex e socket terminal or hard wire outlets.
· Generator running hour (Fuel Tank Capacity)
· Systems Start option: Hydraulic / Electric / Spring inertia / Pneumatic