Marine and Offshore Enginnering Products and Services

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Mining (mineral processing design, engineering, etc.)

With specialization in the new development of Mining Production Plant and one of the key attributes that differentiates us from our competitors is our considerable in-house engineering capability covering all disciplines including Process, Tankage, Piping, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation; Civil & Structural. All our designs are backed-up by an experienced design department, which carries out all the detailed design engineering for each project. We ensure that each drawing detail is in compliance to the latest codes and standards as well as meeting customer requirements.


We provide design, fabrication, installation and testing of winches for offshore, marine and mining applications.



Water Treatment

Our water treatment systems apply the oxidative strength of hydroxyl radicals to effectively remove undesired contaminants in water. Around the world, our water treatment equipment is proven in countless applications:

Products includes:

Fire Fighting Deluge Systems

Napco offers its services in the Special Hazards category, which includes skid packages that are unique in design. These may require a combination of two or more codes and standards. Typical systems include: